Stannington Road | Stannington

The Client requested a very modern and contrasting approach to the design as part of their overall modernisation of the property.

A set of feasibility sketches were required at the start of this simple renovation and reconfiguration of an existing 1970s front extension on a detached property in Sheffield before progressing with the final design option using 3D CAD software.

With the changes being to the front of the house, a full householder planning application was required.

Despite informal discussions with the Local Authority prior to the submission there were a couple of aspects of the design that the appointed Planning Officer was uncomfortable with. A careful approach to potential design changes, via telephone and email communications with the Officer, was required to reach a compromise. By using local precedents as examples of other modernisation in the vicinity of the property as well as further sketches, the final design satisfied both the Planning Officer and the Client.

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