Foxwood Industrial Park | Chesterfield

On an existing brownfield site that had laid dormant for over a decade, the Clients brief was to design a set of buildings that offered light industrial and storage units and the associated external landscaping and car parking.

The design was required to offer an alternative to prospective tenants from the standard industrial units on other surrounding sites, within what the Client called a ‘reasonable’ budget.

Levels issues on the existing site dictated to some extent the location and potential massing of the buildings to ensure the full site was used efficiently in the combination of useable industrial unit floor area versus sufficient car parking for each unit.

Also balancing the floor area of the unit against the amount of frontage was tricky, especially whilst factoring in managing deliveries, visitors and waste disposal. Part of gaining planning consent involved demonstrating to the Highways Officer that the carriageways being provided as part of the design were large enough to accommodate these service vehicles.

The end result however was an interesting and distinctive set of industrial units that also took advantage of commonly used materials to present a different aesthetic when applied in innovative and inexpensive ways.

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