DesignXY - Launch

The DesignXY company logo

The DesignXY company logo

We’re really excited to officially introduce DesignXY to the world, via the launch of our new website!

We are Vicky and Kris, Sheffield based architects who have both been working in the construction industry for almost 20 years. We have worked together for small and larger (multi-disciplinary) companies, as well as running our own individual practices (SIX AD and Bluemouse Architecture). We decided to form DesignXY because we believe in the same core values, and that people should be at the heart of our work.

Over the past four months we have been really busy working with new and existing clients on their projects. To give you just a quick run-down, we’ve been working with :

  • a church charity project based in Dronfield,

  • a developer in Rotherham on two residential schemes,

  • and a number of domestic house extensions.

Due to client referrals and word of mouth our work load continues to grow. We’re settling into routines and it’s extremely enjoyable to be helping so many different people already.

Why should you DesignXY?

We want to build an architectural practice that is not just here to design, help guide and advise our clients; but most importantly to make this slightly complicated process more understandable and enjoyable. We want our clients to get as much out of designing and constructing as we do.

Thanks for visiting our blog today and before we get back to what we do best, Kris and I want to thank those that have believed in us for so long and that continue to do so. We wouldn’t be here without them.

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